Compliance Management and Automation Application for Splunk

Overcoming the compliance challenges with a NextGen compliance management and automation solution.

Compliance challenges

During our projects and thanks to our experience in the field, we at BRIGHT have identified the most common challenges organizations face in terms of compliance.

  • Lack of compliance initiatives transparency.
  • Different organizational levels have different needs. Business leaders expect to see the bigger picture in terms of compliance. People who do the operational work need more details to know where to focus their efforts to meet the business’s expectations and requirements.
  • Labor intensive audit and compliance processes and procedures.
  • Control environments predominantly based on manual detective controls (based on a limited volume of samples) during the audit reviews.
  • A low frequency of compliance and audit reviews.

To eliminate those challenges and mitigate the risk and investments made, we developed a solution that increases data visibility and intelligibility, automates detective frameworks, and provide industry benchmarking for continuous analysis.

Seamless connection between Mongo DB and Splunk

NextGen compliance management and automation solution

At BRIGHT, we believe that a NextGen compliance management solution should succeed in engaging all stakeholders – from operational staff to c-level management, who are interested in where all development efforts and investments go in the security area.

Our Compliance Management and Automation Application for Splunk:

  • Gets everyone on board – from C-Level to the technicians;
  • Keeps business alignment and unifies the understanding of the organization’s strategy;
  • Reduces manual effort and paperwork;
  • Ensures near real-time compliance monitoring and valuable insights;
  • Increases flexibility to rapidly adapt to ever-changing infrastructures, both on-premise and cloud-based;
  • Improves both operational and audit compliance;
  • Provides industry benchmarking;
  • Supports a variety of compliance frameworks, including custom controls – CIS Controls, NIST, COBIT, ISO 27k, PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, etc.

Here you can find a recording of our Compliance Management and Automation webinar with ISACA Bulgaria, including a demo of our solution.

Application Elements

Security Posture Dashboard

The dashboard provides a global overview of the implemented framework and organizational content for a selected period.

  • Global Score – Gives us an aggregated average score of the compliance level with the implemented compliance framework;
  • Categories Score – Framework’s content organized in categories and scored from A to F or NYM (Not Yet Monitored); 
  • Controls and Sub-Controls Scores – Current score in near real-time, as well as the trend of change for the selected period;
  • Metrics – Personalized perusal of the control from the client’s perspective based on best practice. Reports and custom alerts;
  • Ability to add manual scores.

Maturity Dashboard 

Full visibility of controls and sub-controls’ performance. Shows the maturity of the organization regarding a selected standard. The chart can be custom, based on our perceptions and plans or the industry average. 

Security One-Pager

Allows us to see the score of all controls that we are monitoring – fast and easy, on a single screen, with a trend line for all categories that we choose to group them in. It can be used for communicating the current status more effectively and following the progress.

BRIGHT is an official Splunk Partner and Splunk Professional Services Capability Practice. Through our Splunk consulting services, we are ready to help your organization understand why Splunk technology is so disruptive and guide you through the discovery of the unlimited use cases the platform provides, ensuring seamless Splunk implementation and adoption.

Why choose us

Transparency of compliance initiatives

Eliminate the risk of data discrepancies and ensure all stakeholders are on the same page.

Industry and historic benchmarking

An up-to-date, realistic picture of the system’s state and compliance score.

Near real-time monitoring of compliance

Be in line with the standards and implement changes as soon as possible.

Data accessibility and visibility

Intelligible insights and relevant information for all levels in the organization.

A unified understanding of the organization's strategy

Full visibility of the compliance initiatives and facilitated ROI analysis.

Eliminate the manual effort and paperwork

Turn the activities for ensuring compliance in a seamless, effortless daily task.

Our Technology Expertise

Bright technology teams use innovative technologies and best practices to deliver complex solutions. Based on the organization’s preferences and setup, Bright can recommend the most appropriate platform and technology for delivering the required capabilities and business goals. Through focused partnership with leading software vendors, we make your projects a success.

Our Partnerships

To deliver outstanding end-to-end solutions, we partner with focused leaders for cutting edge technologies. We are very selective and dedicated in our partnership and build comprehensive delivery and support capabilities.

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