Devote to simplicity and people

Devote to simplicity and people

Published on Jan 21, 2020

– by Antoni Zahariev

Millennials have arrived!
It’s 2020 and we have built a great baseline over the last decade. Just to name a few, we are in the cloud, we’ve digitized our daily routine and we have made quality services in all aspects the norm.
Mark Twain’s quote is still valid and makes the picture full:

„Continuous improvement is better

than delayed perfection.“

Maybe you already set your goals for the year ahead, or maybe you still about to do that. Regardless, the first step in your plan would be to make room for them. The easiest approach is to question everything you do – why and how. For the things you want to keep doing in the same way, there must be a good reason, because the same actions usually produce the same results. By revising and simplifying you will have the chance to succeed faster and enjoy the process!

On a business level, a huge factor to be taken into consideration in your plan is the digital generation, who are natives of the NOW Economy. They are now entering the workforce with full capacity with early Millennials reaching executive positions and should be leveraged as a source of innovation and improvements.

Simplifying is important in a day and age when everything can become very complicated very quickly. In my humble opinion, listening to how your people want to optimize tasks and goals is the easiest and most reliable way to get the whole team on board.

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