Bright Summer Teambuilding 2019

Bright Summer Teambuilding 2019

Published on Jul 10, 2019

With a fabulous teambuilding Bright marked the forthcoming summer. And is there a better place for a get together from our beautiful seaside?

Green life resort and its surroundings sheltered our team for a long weekend, where we switched between relaxation and party, welcoming sunsets and sunrises.

Although planned as totally restful and calm, our active DNA burst out in a beach volley tournament, where the most passionate players presented enviable skills, gained during our weekly organized volley matches. In the same time a couple of enthusiasts used the beach for their first lessons in American football.

The official dinner was the event we chose to express our gratitude to two of our brightest people, who celebrated their 10th anniversary with the firm. Years of growth, learning, hard work and dedication- essential part of the continuous success of the firm. With a glorious DJ party and cozy atmosphere we closed the event and promised to ourselves to be back soon;-)


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