The Pandemic’s Effect on People’s Attitude Towards Technology

Bright CEO - Angel Kanchev

The Pandemic’s Effect on People’s Attitude Towards Technology

Published on Jun 12, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is transforming the way we live and work. Many of our habits have changed and we have had to adapt to technologies and practices that until recently we denied or were not ready to accept.

Bright CEO – Angel Kanchev, was a guest on The Alternative, where he talked with Genka Shikerova about the effect of the pandemic on the IT sector and what will happen in our relationship with machines and technologies from now on.

Bright’s General Manager – Angel Kanchev,

Attitudes towards technology – before and after COVID-19

What was fundamentally changed during the lockdown according to Mr. Angel Kanchev is people’s attitude towards technology. He believes that many people have realized that technology is not just a trend or designed for people with technical aptitudes or education, but rather something open to everyone.

According to Angel Kanchev, the COVID-19 pandemic will affect people’s expectations for the services provided by companies and institutions. And all these companies will be put under a lot of pressure in terms of consumer anticipations. Process digitalization should no longer be just a task on the agenda, which has been the case for years, it’s something that should undoubtedly be prioritized. Many companies are there, but another huge part is still accelerating their digitalization programs.

Talking about working from home, Mr. Kanchev shared that it is a great opportunity, but we should keep in mind that teamwork is vital for people which work requires innovation and creativity because creativity is ultimately inspired by teamwork and the team itself. In all industries, not just IT.


Bulgarian IT industry after the pandemic

In the interview, Angel Kanchev shared that the pandemic will increase the demand for IT services and solutions worldwide. When it comes to Bulgaria, the IT industry is quite well positioned and has grown a lot in recent years. Producing the lowest levels of added value in the past, now companies in Bulgaria are developing their products, positioning themselves on the international markets not as cheap labor, but as a provider of high-quality products and services.

Mr. Kanchev added that he does not expect a recession in the sector. But of course, the pandemic, like any other crisis, will have its winners and losers. It is a test for all companies, even those in the IT sector.


The challenge and the great potential of technology

In terms of technology, Mr. Kanchev sees a significant change – more and more people today accept technology as part of their lives. In the interview he stated that there is a lot of potential in that and technology should not be seen as a threat. We should not be scared of robots or machines taking over some of our jobs and think of it as a challenge. This itself implies that we will have more energy and resources to do other things just like innovations and technology has changed people’s lifestyle in the past.

What Mr. Kanchev defined as essential is to invest this liberated energy the right way. It is the great responsibility of societies and their representatives to find the new ideology because the world will need a new direction to develop.



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