Here is What Makes Bright’s New Office Feel Like Home

Here is What Makes Bright’s New Office Feel Like Home

Published on Jan 6, 2020
As we continue to grow, we focus more and more on providing everything our people need to have a balanced and fulfilling life at work. It is for this reason that we devoted several months to the planning, design, and construction of a space that allows all Brighters to have a second home in which they feel safe and inspired to do their best and have an impact.

Approximately a year after we launched our new brand identity, we are happy to inform you that we have moved into a bigger and more vibrant office at Mobi Art Building in Sofia. We are particularly grateful to architects Viktor Banarev and Tsvetan Sirakov of MoVe Architects who not only brought our ideas to life but refined them with their expert touch.

Here is what makes Bright’s new home feel like home.

Together in one place

In our new office, we all share the same floor. This not only boosts collaboration within and across teams but it also allows us to spend more time together during coffee and lunch breaks or when we need to get away from our work and clear our minds for a few minutes. We can use the lounge areas, the kitchen, and the tea house to work on a group presentation or prepare for a meeting with a client but we can also use the same spaces to have a meal together, play our favourite PlayStation game, and chat about our families, hobbies, or vacation plans.

Enough room for privacy

It is true that we, human beings, are social animals. However, every now and then we all need to spend some time on our own. It doesn’t matter whether we want to focus on a given task, have a video call with a client, read, or simply relax and gather our thoughts. What matters is that we have the right to enjoy quiet time alone. We can now exercise this right whenever we wish by using the lounge areas, the hut-style common areas, or the cabins that remind us of ski lifts, or by retreating into the meditation room.

Closer to nature

At Bright, we love hiking and mountain biking. Some Brighters have climbed together the highest peaks in Bulgaria and even Mont Blanc in the Alps, and some have been in the habit of going for an after-work walk in the Vitosha Mountain once a week in the warm months. Since life in Sofia, as in any capital city, limits our access to nature, we incorporated elements in the design of our new office that give us a sense of being closer to the mountains.

How did we do it?

By adding the aforementioned hut-style common areas and ski-lift cabins, with the latter carrying the names of the Bulgarian winter resorts of Bansko and Borovets.

By putting up pictures of breathtaking landscapes on walls around the office, including in the training room.

By naming some of the rooms after peaks such as Musala, Vihren, and Mont Blanc.
And by making and keeping the office as green and clean as possible.
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– Daniel Penev


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