How to perform ServiceNow or BMC Remedy upgrades quicker and with ease?

How to perform ServiceNow or BMC Remedy upgrades quicker and with ease?

Published on Apr 10, 2020

– by Antoni Zahariev

The complexity, the time and stress involved in performing upgrades is challenging for every company who has a customized and robust ITSM environment, no matter if it is ServiceNow or BMC Remedy. I want to share some insights from my last 10 years working on ServiceNow and BMC Remedy upgrades and how to make this process smoother and more efficient.

Both BMC and ServiceNow have invested in creation of a guided documentation and project timeline to support you through the Upgrade process of your ITSM environments. But this may not be enough to manage the complexity of the upgrade.

As you can expect planning is the first and most important activity that often gets less attention. Most of you have done it and know the steps already. But there is one more step in the plan which I want to point out:


„Remove customizations and return to OOTB due to redundancy or lack of business value.“

Оur approach is to ensure the changes and enhancements you make don’t impact the system performance, you are able to scale efficiently without risk of service disruption, avoid unnecessary customizations with best practice approach.

Last few years both ServiceNow and BMC have introduced a lot of new features and capabilities in their platforms. It could take few weeks to make relevant research and analysis. At this stage we also take the time to present the new functionalities to all stakeholders and make informed decisions about the priorities we can focus on when planning the upgrade. Saying “no” is as important sometimes to ensure best practices are followed and we can ensure the upgradeability of the platform.

At Bright we are doing more than 5 upgrades per year and we are comfortable to offer you our upgrade expertise in an Upgrade-as-a-service package:


Last but not least, ServiceNow and BMC upgrades can be performed quicker and with ease if you have all your configurations and customizations documented. So, don’t forget to put this in the plan – update (create) your documentation.

We are always available to share more experience related to ServiceNow and Remedy implementations and upgrades, so feel free to contact us for more information.


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