Security Architect: Doing It the (B)right Way

Asparuh Vasilev-Senior Security Architect

Security Architect: Doing It the (B)right Way

Published on Jan 9, 2020
Asparuh Vasilev has a B.A. in electrical and electronics engineering from the Technical University in Varna but he reoriented himself towards the IT sector long before he finished his studies. Beginning as a system administrator at an Internet service provider in the Black Sea city, he later managed the delivery of IT services and solutions for a number of firms.

His first encounter with Bright came through a vacancy for an ITSM-focused project manager he learnt about online. He applied, met the founder and CEO Angel Kanchev, and joined the company’s ranks in July 2017.


Charting your own career path

In the beginning, Asparuh’s responsibilities were related to project management. However, he soon realized that at Bright he had the freedom to steer his career into the direction he wanted, so he opted to focus on ITSM and, later, on information security.

‘What I like the most is that I have the freedom to choose the direction in which I want to develop professionally and that I have the full support of my colleagues and the management team,’ he says. ‘You can express yourself through what you are doing by taking advantage of all the opportunities you are given and working together with the other team members so that you can achieve your goals.’

Today Asparuh works as a senior security architect with consulting and project management functions. In this role, he participates in the development and implementation of Bright’s information security program and leads ITSM and security projects addressing specific customer needs in relation to technologies, processes, and expertise in a given area, among other aspects of their operations. He gets to know individual clients’ businesses before they start implementing solutions so that they can lay the foundation of fruitful cooperation in a spirit of mutual trust.


When focus and diversity go hand in hand

More than two years since he became a Brighter, Asparuh keeps learning both on the job and through company-sponsored participation in trainings and conferences. He takes advantage of his right to design his own training schedule over a period of up to a year, which allows him to maintain a healthy balance between working and studying. He also enjoys the occasional business trips abroad, which enrich his experience without affecting negatively his personal and family life.

At Bright, I have the chance to nourish and use my creativity on a daily basis, Asparuh says. The duration of the projects is another plus for him. They usually last for a maximum of six months, ensuring people can stay fully focused on each of them while enjoying considerable diversity in the long term.

On top of it all, Asparuh finds additional fulfillment through the sense of belonging at Bright that brings junior and senior team members together. The result: whenever he has a question, needs advice, or just wants to learn something new, he knows he has an army of supporters he can count on.

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– Daniel Penev


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