ServiceNow Solution Architect: Doing It the (B)right Way

Pavel Mishev ServiceNow Solution Architect

ServiceNow Solution Architect: Doing It the (B)right Way

Published on Apr 22, 2020

Pavel Mishev took up his first job as a business software implementation consultant while he was studying Business Information Systems at the University of National and World Economy in Sofia. In the next six years, he gained enough hands-on experience to know that he had selected the right career path for himself. Yet, deep inside he felt he was missing something. Eventually, he discovered the source of this feeling: the two companies he worked at had strong presence in Bulgaria but didn’t operate internationally.

As a curious and ambitious IT professional, Pavel wanted to take full advantage of the learning opportunities created by globalization. When he found out that Bright was on the lookout for a motivated person with his profile, he instantly saw a chance to work at a company that is based in Bulgaria but delivers consulting and implementation services across the globe.


Making businesses fit for the digital age

As a senior ServiceNow Solution Architect at Bright since April 2019, Pavel works on the design and implementation of software solutions that automate and optimize business processes in line with our clients’ specific needs.

I like to say that we digitize people’s businesses, no matter what they are,’ Pavel says. ‘The good thing about it is that we [are exposed to] to different businesses. Today we may need to learn about some financial process, tomorrow – about some production process, the day after tomorrow – about some logistical process.’

Since technologies are changing by the day, he focuses on taming the processes behind them rather than the technologies themselves. This approach gives him a broad enough perspective, enabling him to simultaneously expand his knowledge and contribute with ideas and insights based on his experience working with similar technologies.


Grow as you go

In the beginning of their journey with the company, all Brighters are expected to go through an onboarding period of up to four months, and Pavel is no exception. However, about two weeks into his onboarding, he got involved with a project that required his full commitment. Today he considers himself to have been very lucky because this project served as the perfect training lab for him.

Although he didn’t complete his onboarding, Pavel has already benefited from several internal trainings. He also plans to participate in trainings outside Bright. There is no question whether he will be able to take part in such programs, because he knows full well that the management will support him on this front.

As a person who puts a premium on the day-to-day process of becoming better at his work, Pavel believes he has enough time to learn anything he wants to learn. All he needs to do is plan his schedule according to his priorities. He makes good use of the quarterly performance reviews, which are designed not to scare him and his colleagues, but to help them see what they have done well and what they can do better next time. He also appreciates the fact that he can ask his supervisors for feedback at any time.


Better and healthier at the same time

Pavel has been with Bright for less than a year but he is already convinced that here he can become both a better professional and a healthier person.

On the one hand, dealing with all sorts of challenges and working with clients across various industries allow Pavel to become better at what he does virtually every day. On the other hand, not only does he receive praise for his efforts and accomplishments, but he is also encouraged to take better care of himself, for example by doing more exercise.

Relocating to a bigger and brighter office has made life at Bright still more enjoyable, he says, because the space offers ideal conditions for spontaneous interactions among team members. And this connectedness is no small deal in a company that prizes mutual support.

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– Daniel Penev


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