Bright Consulting reaching new heights – literally!

Published on Aug 1, 2012

4810, 45 meters command awe and respect, but there’s no bigger prize than reaching to the top.

Bright Consulting completed successfully its Alps expedition. Our Service Delivery Manager Angel Kanchev and our Senior BMC Re    medy Consultant Ivan Pirishanchin conquered the Alps’ highest peak, Mont Blanc, on 24th of July, 2012.

The ultimate goal was reached by the so-called ‘’normal’’ route from Chamonix (France), through the Tete Rousse hut, Gouter hut and Valot refuge, passing by remarkable valley villages, where eternal spring reigns. The three-day trip was abundant of travelling, camping, climbing, huts, equipment and lots of feet altitude!

In the words of Ivan, the route itself was attainable and well-organized. Nevertheless, it was still challenging, especially the rocky path to Grand Couloir where they saw the real danger of falling rocks and climbers slipping down.

Being part of the allure, these risks made the expedition an exciting and rewarding experience, ending with waving Bright Consulting Flag on the top of the notorious peak.


Afterwards, the adrenaline rush of reaching the peak filled our climbers with indescribable emotions and inspiration.
Bright Consulting team congratulates their colleagues on the commitment with which they approach all new challenges!