BRIGHT helps you make the shift towards a DevOps culture and speed up the launch of new business services with DevOps best practices.

Make the shift towards a DevOps culture

BRIGHT DevOps practice is focused on helping companies make the shift towards adopting a DevOps culture and speed up the launch of new business services. Our team of DevOps engineers works with Operations and Development teams to implement DevOps best practices in these key areas:

  • Automated software build and packaging;
  • Automated unit testing and acceptance testing;
  • Automated deployment on staging & production environment.

Customer applications delivered with a DevOps approach

BRIGHT software development teams use DevOps principles and technologies to build rapidly new applications for your business. From idea to launch, we work with you to bring fast digital services to market.

We integrate acclaimed DevOps tools, like Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Microsoft Visual Studio, and others, to ensure better planning, easier collaboration, and faster shipment. Bright delivery approach includes:

  • Business needs’ assessment and solution design;
  • Agile software development;
  • DevOps principles and best practices.

Benefits For Your Business

Our Technology Expertise

Bright technology teams use innovative technologies and best practices to deliver complex solutions. Based on the organization’s preferences and setup, Bright can recommend the most appropriate platform and technology for delivering the required capabilities and business goals. Through focused partnerships with leading software vendors, we make your projects a success.

Microsoft Visual Studio & .Net Core

Our cross-platform application development

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps provides continuous integration and deployment platform to complement your existing workflows.

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Docker & Kubernetes

Enterprise container management and orchestration that we use for infrastructure-as-code platform.

Take advantage of hundreds of plugins to support building, deploying and automating projects.
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