ServiceNow Task Integration Bus

Facilitate and streamline ticket exchange between various systems.
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Ticket processing made simple

Task Integration Bus App simplifies the integration of your ServiceNow instance with any external ticketing system that supports REST. The application runs on the ServiceNow platform and utilizes all functionality and security features – streamline ticket exchange, universal connectivity, easy setup and delivery, full visibility, and transparency.

Using an integration bus instead of direct integration:

  • Reduce integration complexity;
  • Minimize customization effort;
  • Decrease workload associated with managing and monitoring your integrations.
ServiceNow Task Integration Bus
Seamless connection between Mongo DB and Splunk

Features and capabilities

Task Integration Bus is a ServiceNow application with native platform integration that utilizes all functionality and security features.

Streamline Ticket Exchange
Effective and seamless ticket exchange between ServiceNow and external systems. The app can also send notes, comments, and attachments.

Easy setup and delivery
Quick and effortless integration with a variety of external ticketing systems in a few simple steps.

Generic connectivity
Integrate any ticketing system that supports REST.

Complete visibility and transparency
Identify and resolve issues within a single frontend. Task Integration provides complete visibility and ease of use. It uses custom log tables to monitor each transaction between the involved systems.

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