ThrowAway – Automated retention management of archives for Splunk


Control Splunk frozen buckets


Retention management without the effort

Data in Splunk ages with time and organizations should decide for themselves how to deal with it. Old data is either deleted automatically or archived in the Splunk instance. Although the archive is created by Splunk, there are no alerts, nor can an automatic removal be scheduled.

A challenge for the organization is to manage these archives, and their expiration dates manually. After archiving, data remains invisible and explicit attention is required to follow up. Old, archived information burdens the organization’s systems and infrastructure, creating a risk of regulatory infringement (for example, GDPR).

To deal with this challenge, we’ve created an application that automates the process of removing old archives, mitigating the effort, and saving time.

Seamless connection between Mongo DB and Splunk

Automatic removal of old archived data and complete reporting

ThrowAway is a free add-on for Splunk by BRIGHT. It reviews the archived data and checks backup’s expiration date – if the date is beyond what the client has set, the add-on will remove it.

Moreover, for each event, the system will create a summary report, so the stakeholders could track the events and have full visibility of the activities.

The reports include detailed information about the archive, the date of deletion, what data is available inside, for which indexes, and more.

BRIGHT is an official Splunk Partner and Splunk Professional Services Capability Practice. Through our Splunk consulting services, we are ready to help your organization understand why Splunk technology is so disruptive and guide you through the discovery of the unlimited use cases the platform provides, ensuring seamless Splunk implementation and adoption.

Documents and resources


ThrowAway Add-on Technical Guide


Why choose us

Easier capacity management

Manage the capacity of the organizational infrastructure and the Spunk instance without efforts.

Eliminate the blind spot

Eliminate the risk of regulatory infringement by improper data storage.

Mitigate effort and save time

Automatic deletion of old, expired backups.

Complete reporting

Track automated events and get full information about the data in the deleted backups.

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