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Trust, Integrity, Commitment. BRIGHT’s DNA is the values ​​we share and follow in daily collaboration with colleagues, clients and partners. Together we are focused both on professional excellence and fostering a culture of knowledge sharing, support and development. We work hard while keeping a fun, collaborative, and vibrant environment.

Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. We believe that the synergy and high energy of the BRIGHT team will power up our joint success!

We dare to unite strong individuals with a drive to achieve, talented professionals in innovative technologies, team players.

Development Opportunities

From Junior to Senior, at BRIGHT, you’ll find a partner to support your journey through learning, working, and professional growth. Whether you are a recent graduate, a mid-career expert, senior professional or just looking for a career change, if your high energy is driving you to an exciting career, innovative technologies and inspiring projects, explore the BRIGHT space.

Here you will find a welcoming and supportive environment and company engagement to speed up your personal and professional growth. Practical learning and cognitive apprenticeship is our approach to help you connect your aspirations, capabilities with the dynamics of BRIGHT projects and culture.


We know how challenging it is to enter the professional world only with knowledge and enthusiasm. We share your excitement. At Bright we believe that at every beginning a person needs help, support and clear guidance from experienced professionals with practical skills and knowledge.

Starting your career with our team, you will have access to cutting edge-technologies, but also structured training roadmap and certification path to ensure that your skills are fully mastered. An experienced mentor will be working with you to guide and assist your efforts in the process of getting into the role and technology. You will have the chance to take part in real projects at early stage of your career and develop practical skills and experience. In a vibrant and positive environment with many young colleagues you will be able to share our passion for high professionalism.

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I love the positive and fun environment at Bright. Thanks to my mentor, I quickly gained practical knowledge and had a chance to participate in interesting projects


We recognize the expert as a professional with practical experience and knowledge in the areas of our business, willing to learn more and grow. Our team welcomes experts with drive to continue their development through a serious of practical trainings, certification programs and opportunity to master their skills in large international projects. Career development and personal growth are in front of you.
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When I joined Bright I was pleasantly surprised by the focus on my career growth and the united teams. I am happy to have extensive opportunities for training and development, both professionally and personally. Thanks to the variety of trainings, certifications and experienced colleagues, for a short time I managed to grow successfully as an expert.


We recognize and acknowledge experienced professionals. We believe that the expertise and skills of Senior colleagues can really eventuate in an environment that respects and supports the development of their full potential.

In Bright, experienced colleagues have the freedom and support to find the most satisfying and creative approach to work. Considering their contribution to the development of professionalism, we believe that they should receive excellent career opportunities, recognition and rewards.

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For me, the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies, challenging and diverse projects is most important. At Bright I found excellent environment to combine both, while continuing to develop and achieve a successful balance between personal and professional life

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We are always looking for bright and motivated people to join our team. Finding the right colleague is crucial for our culture and success, so our vision is to identify talents with the same passion, value and energy and help them develop their full potential.