BRIGHT achieves ServiceNow Premier Partner Level

ServiceNow Premier Partner Level

BRIGHT achieves ServiceNow Premier Partner Level

Published on Mar 18, 2020

With a clear focus to build and implement innovative solutions on the ServiceNow platform, Bright reached the next level in its ServiceNow partnership- Premier partner level. Bright strategy is focused on delivering meaningful business outcomes with end-to-end solutions on the ServiceNow platform. We work closely with companies to transform their business with advisory, implementation, and support services.

“For 2020 we have planned to grow even further our ServiceNow delivery capabilities and build an even stronger team of ServiceNow Architects, ServiceNow Projects Managers, ServiceNow solution consultants. A big thank you to our team members for their dedication to our customers’ success and acquiring new competencies to deliver even more challenging ServiceNow projects,” shared Assia Marinova, Chief Sales Marketing Officer at Bright.

Bright Consulting’s transition to the Premier Partner level recognizes achievements in the ServiceNow partner assessment methodology, which focuses on the 4Cs (committed capacity, competency, customer success, and capability) and go-to-market maturity.