Bright for the Mountain Rescue Service

Bright for the Mountain Rescue Service

Published on Mar 14, 2015

Conquering mountain peaks can be undoubtedly listed among the top hobby activities in Bright. So it is not surprising that the company team members keep track of and are excited about mountain-related topics.

The nature of mountain rescue, in particular, means that equipment is used in very demanding conditions and needs replacing on a regular basis. This is a significant cost to delivering mountain rescue especially during the winter season.

It was our General Manager’s initiative to support and provide assistance to The Mountain Rescue Service, which is the sole organization in Bulgaria that is delegated the responsibility to perform “mountain rescue”. The association has been recognized as such by the International Organization of Mountain Rescue IKAR and is its member since 1971.

To date, Bright is pleased to be associated with The Mountain Rescue Service and the valuable work they do for the good of all mountaineers.