Running to success: Bright at the Vienna City Marathon

Running to success: Bright at the Vienna City Marathon

Published on Apr 27, 2018

Just when we think we’ve seen it all, a photo like this arrives. Congrats to Angel Kanchev, Bright’s General Manager, and Ivan Pirishanchin, Automation Team Lead, for successfully completing the Vienna City Half Marathon.
At work and outside the office, we believe that good things happen when passionate people come, or in this case run, together.

Wait, there’s more. We’ve also conquered mountains together. After all, our General Manager Angel is equally passionate about making things work, at the office and the mountain slopes. A keen mountaineer, with a solid track record including climbing Mont Blanc, there’s a whole new side to Angel: a runner who cares. After the success in Vienna, Angel, supported by members of the Bright family, will be also participating in the Postbank Business Run in Sofia in June.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for all adventure seekers we are happy to have on our team. Good luck!



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