What’s The Secret Behind a Successful ServiceNow Implementation Journey

Successful ServiceNow Implementation and ServiceNow Adoption

What’s The Secret Behind a Successful ServiceNow Implementation Journey

Published on Apr 20, 2021

– by Monyo Monev, Enterprise Account Manager at BRIGHT

There are events in our lives that are expected, so we know how to handle them when they come. The pandemic was not one of these events. It got us mostly unprepared and changed our lives dramatically in many directions. As a result, many companies ended up unprepared for what’s lying ahead.

Being in the IT industry for more than 15 years and working with ServiceNow customers, we understand how crucial it is for a company to modernize its operations on a single platform to respond to new business challenges. It is essential to derive the maximum value out of technology and accelerate the return of investment. Paying for a state-of-the-art platform but not leveraging its capabilities is a pure waste of time and money.


So what’s the secret to making ServiceNow deliver results for your organization?

Customers are often getting lost when it comes to ServiceNow implementation and platform enhancements. Let’s look at some of the essential prerequisites for a smooth and efficient digital transformation.

Choose your ServiceNow implementation partner wisely

There are many certified ServiceNow partners globally, and their number is growing. Some are specializing in specific solution areas, while others offer broader capabilities.

Our customers share what they value most in a partner is the end-to-end delivery approach and a clear focus to:

  • Understand what you want to achieve from a business perspective;
  • Assess the current state of the organization’s services and processes;
  • Develop a roadmap to deliver a complete solution ready to scale with your needs;
  • Capabilities to help reshape your business beyond the technology.

Be consistent

Once there are positive outcomes from your implementation team’s work, try to keep the same members as long as you need them. The onboarding part of a project always takes a lot of effort and knowledge transfer is key.  This will save costs and optimise productivity in the long run.

Plan and be ready to scale

ServiceNow adoption is a complex process. The platform develops rapidly with new features and organizations should be up to date with the new possibilities that can make an impact on the business. Having a roadmap and trusted partner to guide you results in fewer interruptions and a higher adoption rate.

Accelerate ServiceNow adoption

Going live is only the first step to successful ServiceNow adoption. The investments and efforts should continue after this phase as well. Having a team that must use a platform without any knowledge of it is the main reason for employees’ failure to adapt.

Investing in training the staff will provide employees with the right tools to take full advantage of the platform. To avoid being stuck in a situation where you have a platform that nobody’s using, secure a training budget for the year ahead.


Is saving on ServiceNow implementation costs with a nearshore capability a good idea?

Many organizations today are making the wise move to optimize implementation costs with a nearshore service delivery model. The beauty of cloud software is that the work could be done remotely. No matter where the team of consultants and developers is based, it can take care of its responsibilities the same way as being on-site. The only difference – it could be more cost-effective.


In our experience, the secret to a successful project is to combine the advantages of near-shore teams with high-value-added services. 

The decision depends on:

  • Your business objectives;
  • The amount of money you can spend;
  • And the trust between your company and the nearshore ServiceNow services provider.

Choosing a strategic partner and following the proper steps in your ServiceNow implementation journey will increase the chances to make the platform work better for your organization and accelerate ServiceNow adoption.

BRIGHT is a trusted ServiceNow Premier Partner with end-to-end expertise in IT and Customer Workflows. Our experts will be happy to discuss your processes digitalisation and optimisation initiatives and help you leverage the technology for business growth.



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