Analytics and Machine Learning

Analytics and Machine Learning


Gain business insights from your structured and machine data.

The Business Challenges

The opportunity to use structured and unstructured data to gain insights into your business is huge. At BRIGHT, we have the expertise to help you deliver end-to-end analytics solutions. What’s more, we leverage innovative data sources like machine data to provide valuable business insights in real-time and improve decision-making.

Predictive Analytics

Combining machine data with structured data we help you address unknown challenges and grasp new opportunities for your business.

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Intelligent Incident Management

Leverage predictive intelligence to correlate events in real-time, automate incident prioritization and produce actionable alerts.

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Automated Machine Learning and AI

How to speed up and simplify AI adoption with the pioneer in Automated ML?

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Industrial IT and OT Analytics

How to get value from all the complex data generated by expensive machines in your industry?

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Business and IT Service Monitoring

Streamline IT operations and improve service health with the power of automation and machine learning.

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BI and Reporting

BRIGHT works with enterprise organizations to overcome traditional BI solutions' challenges and address the increasing, complex reporting needs.

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Our Technology Expertise

Bright technology teams use innovative technologies and best practices to deliver complex solutions. Based on the organization’s preferences and setup, Bright can recommend the most appropriate platform and technology for delivering the required capabilities and business goals. Through focused partnerships with leading software vendors, we make your projects a success.


BRIGHT partners with ServiceNow to transform old, manual ways of working into modern digital workflows, so employees and customers get what they need when they need it – fast, simple, easy.

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BRIGHT partners with DataRobot – the only trusted Automated Machine Learning platform that helps solve business problems by finding the best predictive model for your data.
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Combining machine data with structured data, we help you address unknown challenges and grasp new opportunities for your business.

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Microsoft Power BI

The leading Self-Service BI platform by Microsoft provides business users with easy access to business reports

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Our Partnerships

To deliver outstanding end-to-end solutions, we partner with focused leaders for cutting edge technologies. We are very selective and dedicated in our partnership and build comprehensive delivery and support capabilities.

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